Nuvo Toot Flute like wind instrument



  • Short body and close-set holes means its easy for little hands
  • Pitched in C, so you can play along to backing tracks or with most other instruments
  • Totally washable - even pop it in the dishwasher
  • Two mouth pieces - recorder-style for starting out and a flute option for later
  • Comes with case and fingering chart

Please elect a colour combination when ordering. More details below.

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£ 24.99

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What we say

Sometimes learning an instrument like the flute can be a little overwhelming, especially if it's your first one. You have to learn fingerings, basic music theory and mouthshape all in one go, and if you're little, too, you have to really stretch those little fingers.

But the TooT simplifies a lot of this, because a) it allows you to play on a smaller instrument, and b) it comes with a recorder-style starter mouthpiece so you don't need to think about embouchure (the position your mouth needs to be in to make a strong, solid tone) and can focus instead on just getting the right notes. Remember how easy it was to get a note out of a recorder? That's what it's like to play a TooT - instant sound! And then when you get really confident with your notes and where to put your fingers, you can switch your focus to creating the right mouth shape and practice on the flute head attachment.

Once you've mastered that, the transition to a full size flute is so much easier. This really is a great bridging tool that's unlike anything else on the market.

Other plus points include being totally washable, droppable, and unloseable (thanks to some bright and cheerful colour combinations). And with four double holes you can also play chromatic notes of the scale, to play most of your favourite melodies.

What they say

The Nuvo TooT is a mini transverse blown wind instrument and is the perfect stepping stone between fife and flute.

Available colour combinations:

Nuvo Toot - Black/Blue

Nuvo Toot - Black/Green

Nuvo Toot - Black/Pink

Nuvo Toot - Black/Black

Nuvo Toot - White/Blue

Nuvo Toot - White/Pink

Nuvo Toot - White/Green

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