Altus 807CH (Closed Hole) Flute Outfit



The ALTUS Basic Model 807 is an elegant and very durable flute. Equipped with everything the advanced musician expects, this instrument captivates with its excellent qualities of sound and its exquisitely intoned ALTUS scale.

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807 is your best beginner choice for the professional flute line. The handmade sterling silver lipplate and riser offers you a classic and standard flute sound. With our Altus scale, this model will be any beginner flutist's best companion on a musical journey.

Altus Scale

An instrument’s scale is determined by the size and placement of each of the tone holes and their relationship to each other. This crucial design aspect allows flutists to play with accurate intonation and effortless tone.

Altus flute maker Shuichi Tanaka and renowned British flutist William Bennett shared an admiration for Albert Cooper’s vision of updating and modernizing the traditional flute scale. Mr. Tanaka created the Altus Scale in cooperation with Mr. Bennett with vast performance experience and quest for precise intonation.

The collaboration of Tanaka and Bennett set a new standard for flute design. The Altus Scale was carefully designed to provide effortless intonation, impeccably tuned harmonics, and exceptionally balanced registers. This monumental achievement is one of the hallmarks of the great Altus flute making tradition.

Material Composition

Sterling silver lip-plate and riser, nickel silver headjoint, body, footjoint and mechanism - silver plated - drawn tone holes


Comprised of 92.5% silver, Sterling Silver has long been the industry standard and widely accepted for making high quality flutes. This silver alloy is strengthened with copper to increase hardness. It is believed that sterling silver instruments possesses incredible resonance and rich colors in timbre.

Silver plated all over

Altus Flutes looks into detail in manufacturing our products. The standard series flutes are silver plated all over. Not only does it give the flute extra resistence and strengthen the sound quality, but this also allows the flute to have a nice, consistent look.


Material: handmade silver plated nickel silver
Headjoint: S-Cut headjoint
Lip plate and riser: Handmade 925 sterling silver
Toneholes: Drawn
Special soldered C#-hole riser: Yes
Springs: Stainless steel
Pitch: 442 Hz 

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