Trevor James Alto Flute Outfit



The Trevor James alto flutes are extremely popular with flute players or doubling musicians.  Extremely free blowing headjoints, these alto flutes are easy and wonderful to play.

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TJ alto flutes - free blowing award winning instruments

UK Music Industry Association 'Best Woodwind & Brass Instrument' winner

Trevor James alto flutes are extremely popular with flute players or doubling musicians around the world.  They have very free blowing headjoints which offer wonderfully rich tonal colours and flexibility.


Lip and riser headjoint: 925 silver
Headjoint: Free blowing headjoint design with traditional
Embouchure hole: Hand over-cutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole
Arm key design: Traditional Y 
Finish: Triple-plated
Pads: Double skin yellow pads
Adjusting screws: Hidden adjusting screws
Key mechanism: Closed hole
C footjoint: Yes
Accessories: Case, cleaning rod, white internal cleaning cloth

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