Altus 907CH (Closed Hole) Flute Outfit



Altus Artist flutes offer the exceptional hand craftsmanship, tonal colour and playability of Altus Professional flutes. The ALTUS 907 is a highly popular flute among advanced players. Due to its increased silver content, the 958 Britannia silver headjoint lends this instrument richer harmonics and, thus, expands the musician’s range of tonal expression.

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£ 2,495.00

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  • handmade 958 britannia silver headjoint
  • NEW: Alternatively with S-Cut or Z-Cut head joint
  • silver plated nickelsilver body and mechanism
  • drawn toneholes
  • special soldered C#-tonehole riser
  • stainless steel springs
  • pitch 442 Hz

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