Nuvo DooD Clarinet like wind instrument



  • Mini single reed instrument that's a fantastic introduction to the clarinet
  • Uses recorder fingerings, so children learning the recorder at home or at school can play all their favourite tunes without having to learn new hand positions
  • Tuned to the key of C, so they can play along with recorders/backing tracks
  • Please specify preferred colour combination when ordering

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The DooD is an amazing idea, and works remarkably well for something that's in the same price category as many toys! If your child expresses an interest in learning the clarinet or saxophone, or if you've always been a bit curious yourself, then this is a great introduction to reed instruments. And with a soft, mellow tone, it sounds very similar to the real thing!

The plastic body and plastic reeds are nigh-on indestructable (though you do get two reeds as standard, as children always manage to find a way, don't they?) and are fully washable in warm, soapy water, so they're ideal for very little ones. They're also incredibly light, and the same size as a recorder, so the holes can be easily reached by little fingers.

And when they've got the hang of the plastic reed and want to get even closer to a real clarinet, they can switch to a wooden reed - just ask for a soft Eb clarinet reed, which usually costs about £2-£3.  You have to be a bit more careful with those, as they're delicate, but that too is a nice introduction to a real clarinet, as you have to learn to be careful with those!

If you'd like to order large amounts for local authorities or school groups, please ring us on 0161 956 2052 or email [email protected]

Available colour combinations:

Nuvo DooD - Black/Blue

Nuvo DooD - Black/Green

Nuvo DooD - Black/Pink

Nuvo DooD - Black/Black

Nuvo DooD - White/Blue

Nuvo DooD - White/Pink

Nuvo DooD - White/Green

It has a mellow clarinet-like sound and plays a full octave from middle C plus a few extras! The kit includes long-lasting synthetic Nuvo reeds in two strengths, 1 and 1.5. These are perfect for young beginners. The silicone key covers help small fingers to cover the holes. The DooD is available in 7 fun colour styles.

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