Bridge Lyra 5-string Electric Violin in Green/Black



  • Tuned to CGDAE the Lyra 5 string offers an extra dimension to upper string players
  • Lightweight body - only a fraction heavier than an acoustic violin
  • Hollow body made of a carbon fiber and Kevlar composite
  • Gloss white effect
  • Each battery gives around 1,000 hours of playing time
  • Comes with case and carbon composite bow
  • Piezo bridge pickup

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What we say

This is an electric violin that sounds just as good au natural as it does plugged in; the hollow body of the Lyra 5-string means that the instrument is naturally resonant even when unamplified. So you can practice and give intimate performances without the need for electronics, but add volume and effects as and when you need them. 

Specially designed to eliminate feedback at all levels, the bridge pickup and active surface mount preamp give you a smooth-sounding playing experience in any environment.

What Bridge say

For the violinist the extra bottom C string adds the viola register, and for the viola player the top E string gives more access to the violin’s upper register without changing position so soon. (No viola jokes necessary!)

The body is hollow, moulded from a Kevlar and carbon fibre composite with a high strength to weight ratio. The hollow body generates a sound profile within the body structure presenting an open sound without the use of reverb or delay. It is smooth and forgiving when played and allows low volume practice without the use of headphones or amps. Highly stable across temperature and humidity ranges.

The Lyra offers the benefits of low volume for practice, and high volume for performance with no feedback! 

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