Primavera 200 Antiqued Violin Outfit



Forsyths recommends!

Our favourite entry level violin, a great looking instrument with a tone to match!

  • Solid spruce top with solid maple back and sides
  • Ebony fingerboard and fittings
  • Set up by Forsyth's in house violin tech
  • Comes with rectangular case and composite bow

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£ 220.00

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What We Say

These rather lovely looking violins are our best selling of the Primavera line, and they're great value either as a first instrument or even as a step up from a basic entry level violin. The big draw on this model is the very classy looking reddish brown varnish - cheap violins usually model the dipped in lacquer look, and this couldn't be more different, instead having a very pretty antique effect. It's also thinly applied, which leaves the wood free to resonate, and these are extremely good sounding violins for their price point. Rounding off the package is a nice rectangular case and a carbonite bow.

Primavera 200s ship with a reasonable quality set of metal strings that are more than adequate for a beginner, however we regularly fit upgraded strings such as Thomastik Alphague or Dominant strings to Primaveras and it significantly improves the tone - we're always happy to do this to any cello we sell for the price of the strings, and of course if you buy a cello with the stock strings and decide to upgrade six months later we can help you then as well.

One area to be aware of with student violin family instruments is that they rarely play well out of the box: the bridges are usually left a little high and the changes is temperature and humidity associated with shipping instruments from the Far East means that, however well set up at the factory, they often suffer from stiff or sticking pegs and other issues. For this reason all of our arriving stock goes through our technical department where we check the fit of the pegs and the bridge and adjust as recessary, assuring that the instrument you buy will play perfectly.  

What They Say

The Award Winning Primavera 200 - taken to a new level.

By reworking the varnish to create a hand-finished look, the Primavera 200 Antiqued has the appearance and feel of a much more expensive instrument.

The outfit is completed with the Primavera Oblong Case & New Primavera Composite Bow

Manufacturers Specification


Student Standard


4/4 to 1/2


Styrofoam oblong case with back pack straps, full length music pocket & additional high-vis safety features 


Black composite ‘student proof’ bow. Ebony frog




Ebony Teka model


Hand carved maple & spruce. Inlaid purfling


Maple, fitted & stamped ‘Prima’




Ebony Swiss model


Multi-filament steel


Carbon fibre with improved adjusters




356mm, 4/4 330mm, 3/4 305mm, 1/2

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