Ted Brewer Vivo 2 Red Electric Violin



  • A handmade electric violin of British origin
  • Active electronics with volume and tone controls
  • Flashing lights that pulse in time with the music.
  • Clear finish with red fingerboard, pegs and tailpiece

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£ 719.00

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The stunning Vivo2 has been developed using state of the art materials and advanced processor technology. It looks amazing and it sounds incredible, thanks to an advanced audio system.

A revolution in sound

The Vivo²’s sound is one of its best features, thanks to the advanced TBV audio system which gives you:

  • A piezo charge pick-up
  • A digitally-controlled analogue charge amplifier
  • Separate headphone output socket
  • Electronic tuning mode for ‘A’ string
  • Easy operation, using standard ¼ inch jack leads
  • A PP3 battery (unless shipping restrictions apply)
  • On/off switch
  • A violin you can really work wit

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