Bridge Aquila EV4 Electric Violin in black/green



  • Hollow body made of a carbon fiber and Kevlar composite
  • Price includes set up in store
  • Comes with case and carbon composite bow
  • Battery lasts for approximately 1,000 hours of playing
  • Ebony pegs
  • Piezo crystal pick up
  • No feedback
  • Tone control
  • Dresden style chinrest
  • 1/4 inch jacks

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£ 1,058.00

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What we say

The enclosed air resonates to provide a rich amplified violin sound while maintaining the strength and durability of a solid body instrument. This one is finished in a striking green/black finish.  This British designed violin is hand made in China - comes complete with a carbon fibre bow and case.

Great tone, striking style, and flexibility - What more can you ask for? The Bridge Aquila is built so that critical measurements conform to those of a standard acoustic violin, so it feels natural to play. The neck and fingerboard are made just like your acoustic violin's, with traditional materials and construction. The body is anything but traditional - molded from a composite of carbon fiber and Kevlar, it's not much heavier than an acoustic violin, while being incredibly strong. (Don't try this at home, but Bridge once hit one of their basses with a sledgehammer without breaking it!)

The case comes with four bow holders and is a very dramatic and attractive red and black combination. There is also a large canvas cover for sheet music.

What Bridge say

Power for the active pre amp is supplied by a single 3V lithium coin-cell battery, which weighs virtually nothing, yet will last for approximately 1,000 hours of playing time. This instrument is a green burst, darkening to black at the edges..

The Bridge Aquila violin comes with an oblong hard case, Pirastro Tonica strings and a carbon composite bow. Price includes our free shop adjustment.

The body is hollow, moulded from a Kevlar and carbon fibre composite with a high strength to weight ratio. The hollow body generates a sound profile within the body structure presenting an open sound without the use of reverb or delay. It is smooth and forgiving when played and allows low volume practice without the use of headphones or amps. Highly stable across temperature and humidity ranges.

Inspired by the Stadivari 1710 Viola da Gamba, and modified to the modern sized peg box ,this headstock has become the trademark of the Bridge Instruments. The distinctive shield, through peg box and neck is carved from a single maple block.

The bridge houses the ‘Bridge’ pick up system, a piezo crystal configuration. We designed the ‘Bridge’ pick up system specifically and only for use with our instruments. It is designed to pick up both the string vibration and the body resonance generated from the hollow composite body. Utilising all the properties of a traditional acoustic bridge it captures the warmth of tone synonymous with its acoustic counterpart, with no feedback.

All our electric range of instruments carry a volume and tone control, easily accessible for quick adjustment during performance. The tone control is a tilt control, not a boost/cut control, changing the tonal range of the instrument.

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