Baton Rouge UR-11 Concert Ukulele



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If you're looking for a ukulele that's a definite step up from the coloured ones but without breaking the bank, the Baton Rouge is pretty much perfect - it sounds great, it plays great, it's great! The concert is ideal for larger hands as well.

  • Mahogany body
  • Nato neck
  • Walnut fingerboard and bridge
  • Aquila Nylgut strings
  • 37.5cm scale length

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£ 65.00

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If you're looking at the entry level ukulele market you've almost certainly seen the coloured ukuleles that are everywhere - these little fellas have been a real sensation in that they're functional musical instruments for a tiny amount of money, and they'll definitely get you started.

But what if you spent a bit more money? The Baton Rouge UR models are a great starting point because they're still stupid cheap for a musical instrument but the extra money you spend pays off big time in terms of sound quality. The main reason is the construction which, although still made from laminated wood, uses thin pieces of wood reinforced by bracing rather than the thicker unsupported ply of the cheaper instruments: this makes it much more resonant and therefore it's louder and fuller sounding. 

It's a fairly plain looking instrument but that's ok because all the money you spend goes into the bits that matter in terms of sound quality and playablity - if you want a more ornate options there are plenty of choises but they'll cost a lot more and not necessarily sound better. The UR-11 gets you a great sounding first uke for not too much money, and we love them!

What They Say


  • Concert Ukulele
  • body mahogany
  • neck nato
  • fingerboard & bridge walnut
  • strings Aquila Nylgut
  • finish natural satin open pore
  • open guitarstyle machineheads with black buttons
  • scale length 37,5cm
  • neck width at nut 3,5cm

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