Ashbury Solid Body Electric Mandolin



A solid body electric mandolin made from Sepele.

Danelectro style lipstick pickup.

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£ 399.00

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And now for something completely different!

Electric mandolins are a bit few and far between - there's that Tele shaped one a few makers have sourced and Fender and Epiphone used to offer something along those lines but otherwise it's fairly slim pickings. We're delighted therefore to have this odd little fella in the shop! It reminds us a lot of English electric guitar making of the Gordon Smith variety with a rather muscular  symmetrical sapele body and simple, cosmetics. 

Tonally it's perfectly capable of straightforward mandolin sounds and if you plug into an acoustic amp you'll hear a pleasant sound with less scratchiness than a typical piezo type mandolin pickup. But it's also a fascinating instrument to take beyond the basic acoustic mandolic sound, and the lipstick style pickup is a great source to drive effects pedals and explore alternative ways of creating interesting music from this fantastic beast!

What They Say


  • Solid sapele body with sapele neck and traditional Ashbury headstock
  • Senna Siamea fingerboard and headplate. Zero fret with 19 frets
  • Grover machine heads with solid cast tailpiece. 2 strap end pins


  • Nut width: 30mm
  • Width at 12th fret: 41mm
  • Scale length: 350mm
  • Max body depth: 37mm
  • Body width: 260mm
  • No Frets: 19
  • Body length: 340mm(inc endpin and heel joint)
  • Overall length: 660mm (inc endpin)
  • EJ67 D'Addario strings: .011/.014/.025w/.039w
  • With Pickup
  • Made in: Vietnam
  • Model No: AM-240

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