Ashbury Army Navy Style Mandolin



A Vietnamese Army Navy Style flat top mandolin made from solid mahogany.

Comes with a gig bag.

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£ 199.00

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Army & Navy mandolins are an interesting little niche in mandolin history: made by Gibson in the late teens, these were simple, cheap instruments intended to sell to servicemen in the First World War. Where most Gibson product was carved in the style of violins, the Army Navy mandolins followed a more Portuguese style of construction and nowadays they closely resemble a modern Celtic folk mandolin. Ashbury's copy follows the Gibson design fairly closely and it's a pretty looking mandolin. The build quality in nice and neat and we're glad to see all solid timbers at this price.

Tonally these things always packed an impressive punch for their simplicity and this one is bright and jangly with lots of ring to it - it's very lively and ideal for folk playing and strumming. 

What They Say


  • Sapele neck with hardwood fingerboard.
  • Buffalo top nut and saddle.
  • Strip chrome machine heads.
  • Strung with D'Addario EXPs
  • The hardwood is Senna Siamea a locally sourced wood in Vietnam.


  • String gauges: .012/.016/.026w/.040w
  • Nut width: 30mm
  • Width at 12th fret: 41mm
  • Scale length: 360mm
  • Max body depth: 43mm
  • Body width: 260mm
  • No Frets: 19
  • Overall body length: 300mm
  • Overall Instrument length: 650mm
  • Made in: Vietnam
  • Model No: AM-110

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