pBone pTrumpet Plastic Trumpet White


There are so many things to like about the P-Bone whether you're a beginner, experienced player looking for something fun or buying for a young brass enthusiast, they're great!

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What's not to like about a plastic trumpet?

So why plastic? They're extremely lightweight and they're durable compared to a metal version. This makes them ideal for young beginners as they're easy to hold and hard to damage, so if you have a child who's keen to have a go but on the cusp of being too young, a P Bone is a good way to get them started. It's also useful if you're an experienced player looking for a cheap and practical travel instrument, P Trumpets being impervious to temperature and easy to sling in a bag for those moments on musical inspiration that come to us all camped halfway up a mountain brass. They're nice and easy to maintain and you run them under the tap to clean if sharing them between multiple players.

They're also very affordable, and the fun factor means they're not obselete the second you graduate to a metal version - the P Trumpet can remain your out all the time knockaround instrument. And they sound great, at least within the remit of entry level student instruments. 

If you're an experienced player our one negative comment is the plastic valves don't respond quite like metal valves - fortunately P Bone are onto this factor, and we can recommend their HyTech model which introduces metal components into the valves and leadpipe for a smoother experience for more experienced players. 


Key: Bb
Bell: 4 3/4-inch Bell
Valve system: Unique fully plastic valve system
Lead pipe: One piece patented lead pipe
Water key: All plastic water-key
Adjustable main tuning slide: Yes
Adjustable 1st and 3rd valve tuning slides: Yes
Weight: 500g
Mouthpieces: 3C & 5C plastic mouthpieces
Bag: Fabric carry bag

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