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Forsyth recommends! 

There are so many things to like about the P-Bone whether you're a beginner, experienced player looking for something fun or buying for a young brass enthusiast, they're great!

  • Easy to play - much lighter than a brass trombone
  • Robust so ideal for younsters or as a travel instrument
  • Great value
  • ABRSM Approved

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What We Say

It's not to write about P Bones without a smile on our face - they're such cool things! 

Ok, so they're a plastic trombone, what's the point of that then? Firstly, they weigh nothing and they're very durable compared to a metal trombone. This has different advantages depending on your perspective. It makes them great for young beginners as they're easy to hold and hard to damage, so if you have a child who's keen to have a go but on the cusp of being too young, a P Bone is a good bridge instrument. It also has a place for more experienced players: what better instrument to take camping for example (the person in the tent next to you might disagree, of course, but they're probably still grateful you didn't bring a ukulele like every other musical person on the campsite!), and P Bones are the ideal take anywhere brass instrument. They're nice and easy to maintain and you run them under the tap to clean if sharing them between multiple players - in fact, you could play one in the bath if you wanted!

They're also very affordable, and the fun factor means they're not obselete the second you graduate to a metal version - the P Bone can remain your out all the time knockaround instrument.

And they sound great! Obviously we're not talking Bach Strad sort of tonal ranges, but up against the average £200 entry level metal trombone the P Bone is perfectly credible. We also notice the mouthpiece makes a big difference, and the single best thing you can do for a P Bone if you're a more experienced player is swap the stock plastic mouthpiece for a metal one for a much more focused, strident tone.   

What They Say

Manufacturers Specification


Easy to play

The pBone is much lighter (around 4 kilos!) than traditional brass trombones. The light weight aids your child’s ability to develop good technique and posture and means their arms won’t get tired as quickly; they can enjoy playing for longer and progress faster!


Great value

The pBone is fantastic value for money, costing around a quarter of the price of beginner brass trombones. It comes with everything your child needs to play straight away: a smart carry bag which is perfect for rushing between lessons/school/band, two plastic mouthpieces (6.5AL and 11C, although it’s also compatible with any small shank trombone mouthpiece) and an array of supporting online learning resources should you need them.


Hassle free

Brass trombones are easily dented, damaged and high maintenance. Because our pBone is made from plastic it is extremely durable and strong, and can withstand the inevitable rough treatment it may receive wherever you take it! Low maintenance and robust the pBone is a worry free, dependable and fun trombone.


Exam approved

If you want to assess your child’s progression through graded music exams, pBone is suitable for exams by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

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