Yamaha YCR2330III Bb Cornet Outfit



Fun fact; if you were to stretch out a trumpet and a cornet, they would be the same length. What makes the cornet different from the trumpet though is the shape of the bore. So if you're already playing the trumpet, or simply want to take up something a little more unique, the Yamaha YCR2330III is an ideal place to start.

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The quality of the musical instrument you learn on can have a huge impact on how your playing develops and how motivated you are to continue learning. This is especially true for brass and woodwind instruments. Yamaha have worked hard to ensure every one of their student models avoid the pitfalls of cheaper instruments - which so often perform inconsistently and unpredictably leading to students having to 'fight' with their instrument and hindering their progress.

We have kept the basic design of the hugely successful YCR-2330 and YCR-2310 cornets and added some modifications. The new medium-large bore size helps the beginner to get a quick and easy response. Now benefitting from a modified two-piece yellow brass bell, the 2000 series cornets have the ideal thickness brass bells and a round lead-pipe for improved sound and playability. The 2000 series also benefits from newly designed heavier valve caps offering a full sound and great projection.

Yamaha standard cornets have been designed to incorporate many of the features and characteristics of their top pro models, yet at a standard model price. They offer a beautiful traditional cornet sound, and have highly accurate intonation and a comfortable playability making it possibly the best student cornet on the market.

Yellow brass bell

The newly redesigned, durable yet light two-piece bell is made of yellow brass for optimal playability and to promote good technique and endurance.

New piston, piston caps and buttons

Highly durable monel alloy pistons as well as newly designed piston buttons and bottom caps help lengthen the life of the instrument while also maximizing sound quality.

New tuning slides

The 2nd and main tuning slides are produced using the same method as high-end Yamaha models, which provides stability, a more refined tonal colour and added durability.

Bore size and lead pipe

The redesigned rounded leadpipe and medium-large (11.65mm/0.459") bore give this instrument a smooth and light response and a warm tone quality.


Body: Gold lacquered yellow brass - rounded leadpipe

Bell: Gold lacquered yellow brass - two piece

Bell Diameter: 119.0mm (4.69")

Bore Size: medium-large (11.65mm/0.459")

Weight: Medium - better balance and easier for a young beginner to hold

Valves: Top sprung nickel plated monel alloy

Other: Adjustable third valve slide ring, first valve thumb hook, two waterkeys

Mouthpiece: Yamaha 11E4

Accessories: Hard case, polishing cloth, valve oil and slide grease

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