Trevor James Renaissance Silver Plated Tenor Horn 5500 (Ex Demo)



An Eb Tenor Horn with bright silver plating finish, part of the Renaissance brass range - a Trevor James range designed by professional brass player David Holt over a period of three years. Features Trevor James acoustic bell brace.

Note: this model is now discontinued and this example is listed as ex demo with some minor wear

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£ 950.00

-£ 329.00

£ 1,279.00

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‘Built to Perform’ is not a tag line or slogan but was the design objective for the Trevor James Renaissance range of brass instruments.

With over 25 years of design experience Trevor James knows how important instrument design is in helping players achieve their musical goals. To this end Trevor James spent several years working closely with brass players and designers to determine the designs and features required to create a range of brass instruments, which will enable players to reach these goals.

With a range of design features unique to the Trevor James Renaissance range of brass, including the new TJ acoustic bell brace, we believe that the Trevor James Renaissance brass range has set a new standard in brass manufacture and design and is clearly ‘Built to Perform’.


Bore size: .462” (11.73mm)
Bell diameter: 8” (204mm)
Bell material: yellow brass
Finish: bright silver plate
Valve material: stainless steel
Slides: cupronickel
Case: backpack style case with TJ logo
Mouthpiece: Trevor James 3TH mouthpiece

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