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Denis Wick French Horn Mouthpieces


Classic - The original design. These give clarity, precision, and a very easily controlled, centred sound. It adds more brilliance and richer upper overtones than the convex outer profiles of other designs.

The Classic design is very responsive and easy to play. It has excellent flexibility and a rich tone.

Classic mouthpieces are available in silver plate.

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Diameter: 27.36 mm

Cup Diameter: 17.50 mm

Rim Width: 4.93 mm

Bore Size: 4.58 mm

Back Bore: Barrel  

Shaped funnel. For 1st and 3rd players. Clear, smooth and rich sound. Good for beginners. Wide rim.


Diameter: 25.00 mm

Cup Diameter: 17.25 mm

Rim Width: 3.88 mm

Bore Size: 4.50 mm

Back Bore: Barrel  

More rounded cup. American type, versatile, OK for beginners, but with big professional tone quality. Narrow rim.

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