Vandoren Alto Sax Mouthpieces


Vandoren - the mouthpiece is the motor of an instrument, which gives it its overall timbre and pitch.  The quality of the mouthpiece is vital for it allows artistes to display the full range of their expressiveness.

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These mouthpieces features a smaller than normal bore and a flat baffle, very much like a traditional mouthpiece from the saxophone's creation. This gives a tone that is very infrequently too harsh or shrill but rather gives a pleasant and rich tone. The medium sized chamber gives a full and rounded tone but also offers a core of sound which gives the saxophone its expressivity.


V5 A15

Tip Opening (1 / 100mm): 176

Facing: Medium-Long

 Easy to play, the A15 is recommended by educators for students of classical music

V5 A17

Tip Opening (1 / 100mm): 115

Facing: Short

Noteworthy heir of the A27, it combines intonation and response to richness of sound with maximum dynamic range in all registers

V5 A25

Tip Opening (1 / 100mm): 186

Facing: Medium Long

Wider tip opening than A15 but same quality sound

V5 A27

Tip Opening (1 / 100mm): 165

Facing: Medium Short

Designed for playing soft reeds with optimum tone color, especially in extended top range. Recommended for studying classical saxophone.

V5 A28

Tip Opening (1 / 100mm): 163+

Facing: Medium Short

An astoundingly pure tone. An evenness of sound in all registers from the low notes to the high. An incomparable richness of sound and an extensive range of colours. 

V5 A35

Tip Opening (1 / 100mm): 206

Facing: Medium Long

For classical music or jazz (Big Band & section work).

V5 A55

Tip Opening (1 / 100mm): 247

Facing: Long

The most open mouthpiece, its sound and colour are shaped by the player.

AL3 Optimum

Tip Opening (1 / 100mm): 152

Facing: Medium Long

With its exceptional roundness, the ultimate classical mouthpiece.