Vandoren Clarinet Mouthpieces


Vandoren - the mouthpiece is the motor of an instrument, which gives it its overall timbre and pitch. The quality of the mouthpiece is vital for it allows artistes to display the full range of their expressiveness.

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All of our Vandoren mouthpieces are priced between £95.50 and £104.75.

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Vandoren Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces



B44 - 

5JB -  THE jazz mouthpiece.    

5RVL -  More open than the 5RV with a longer facing.    

B40 -  Same facing as the B45 with a wider tip rail, it produces a compact and centered sound.    

B40L - 

The perfect blend between a round sound and rich tone color. Easy blowing especially in the upper register. 

B45 - 

The universal mouthpiece. With an intermediate tip opening and a medium-long facing, it is appreciated by most clarinetists. 

B45L - 

Characterized by a particularly large tip opening, it offers a flexible, round sound and remains easy blowing. 

M15 -  Great articulation ease. Offers musicians a colorful spectrum of sound.    

M30 -  Its facing length gives it great flexibility, a good balance between timbre and roundness.    


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