Vincent Bach cornet mouthpiece


A carefully selected Bach mouthpiece can help improve a player’s embouchure, attack, tonguing and endurance.

Because no two players have the same lip or tooth formation, what is perfect for one may be entirely unsuitable for the other. With the flexibility of Bach's different models, everyone will find the mouthpiece best suited to their needs.

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1.25C - Cornet Mouthpiece

Large cup for powerful players, great carrying power.

Cup: medium deep cup
Inner diameter: 17 mm
Rim shape: medium wide

1.5C - Cornet Mouthpiece 

Suitable all-around use.

Cup: medium
Inner diameter: 17mm
Rim shape: medium wide, not too sharp

3C - Cornet Mouthpiece

Fairly large, good for all-around use.

Cup: medium
Inner diameter: 16.3mm
Rim shape: medium-wide

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