Denis Wick Trombone Mouthpieces


Classic - The original design. These give clarity, precision, and a very easily controlled, centred sound. It adds more brilliance and richer upper overtones than the convex outer profiles of other designs.

The Classic design is very responsive and easy to play. It has excellent flexibility and a rich tone.

Our Classic mouthpieces are available in silver plate.

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4BL - Diameter: 39.44 mm
Cup Diameter: 25.90 mm
Rim Width: 6.77 mm
Bore Size: 7.13 mm
Back Bore: Medium  

Large bore trombone. Clear ringing sound with good high register.

Designed to complement  the Bach 42 trombone, the slightly less deep cup improves and focuses the high register and centres the sound. Used by Denis Wick in the LSO with VB 42  in the early 1980s.

4AL - Diameter: 39.44 mm

Cup Diameter: 26.00 mm
Rim Width: 6.72 mm
Bore Size: 7.38 mm
Back Bore: Barrel  

Large bore trombone. The classic euphonium model, also good for powerful trombonists.

The original “A” model, the first one designed by Denis Wick for his own use. May be heard on countless LSO recordings, including the “Star Wars” series. Also a fine euphonium mouthpiece Used by Byron Fulcher,  1sttrombone  of the Philharmonia  Orchestra,London.

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