Tenor Guitar

Tenor guitars are a lovely addition to the folk asenal, bridging the gap between ukulele and steel string guitar. Most commonly tuned in fifths, the chords are similar to those for mandolin and they have a beautiful sound, more delicate than a six string guitar with a lovely chime to them. 

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  • £ 449.00 £ 496.00

    A good quality tenor guitar with a solid cedar top, laminate rosewood back and sides and a Fishman pickup. 

    £ 449.00 £ 496.00
  • £ 339.00 £ 377.00

    A lovely solid cedar top tenor guitar with rosewood faced back and sides. The instrument has a warm tone which really projects for it's size. With a natural satin finish and maple binding, it really looks the part, and sounds it too.

    £ 339.00 £ 377.00
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  • £ 350.00

    Something completely unique then! This is a lightly used example of a Lapwing tenor guitar made a few tyears ago in Stockport and constructed like a Danelectro, and one of a kind. Just in case you didn't think it quirky enough already, it's finished in textured vinyl snakeskin. Very cool and unique!

    £ 350.00
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items