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  • £ 469.00 £ 525.00

    An ideal choice for a beginner on a budget, the 100AS is a good quality sax perfect for the first few grades. Comes with a case and all the accessories required to get started.

    £ 469.00 £ 525.00
  • £ 549.00 £ 575.00

    A unique saxophone for the younger and smaller player!   The Alphasax is based around the original body tube of an alto saxophone with a completely redesigned mechanism and tone hole positioning for children or the smaller player.

    £ 549.00 £ 575.00
  • £ 629.00 £ 749.00

    Designed and set up in the UK, this excellent beginners' alto sax is free blowing and durable and excellent value for money. Comes as an outfit with a case and accessories to get you going.

    £ 629.00 £ 749.00
  • £ 859.00 £ 945.00

    This new sax can be categorized as a high-level student/intermediate horn, with many of its crook and mechanism features designed downwards from the 'SR' models.  We have also built on some of the performamce qualities of the TJ Horn '88 and incorporated many of these design features within this new horn.

    £ 859.00 £ 945.00
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  • £ 2,199.00 £ 2,309.00

    Raw by name, raw by nature - creating a fantastic tone to suit many styles. Designed and setup in the UK.

    £ 2,199.00 £ 2,309.00
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  • £ 1,279.00 £ 1,340.00

    Using the hand built professional Signature Custom models as the template, the new SR instruments have taken on many of the mechanism and crook features that were previously only available to professional players. Therefore it is a very free blowing alto saxophones with rich tonal characteristics. 

    £ 1,279.00 £ 1,340.00
  • £ 1,099.00 £ 1,233.00

    The YAS280 saxophones offer a perfect start because it is designed with the young beginner in mind. Relatively light-weight and ergonomically shaped, they are easy to hold and to play. The intonation is perfect, and it is easy to get a great sound.  A redesigned neck receiver promotes a quick response and ease of play while also increasing the durability...

    £ 1,099.00 £ 1,233.00
  • £ 2,295.00 £ 3,180.00

    The Yamaha 62 has always been the sax of choice for many of the world's top pros. Offering surprising value for the price, and amazing flexibility (it can be used for virtually any musical genre) it is characterised by a highly expressive tone, comfortable playability and extremely accurate intonation.

    £ 2,295.00 £ 3,180.00
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items