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    A super lightweight pickup mute for the French Horn. Features Brass Resonance Modelling.

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    A super lightweight pickup mute for the trumpet and cornet. Features Brass Resonance Modelling.

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    A super lightweight pickup mute for the Flugel Horn. Features Brass Resonance Modelling.

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    A super lightweight pickup mute for the trombone. Features Brass Resonance Modelling.

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    Denis Wick cup mutes have the perfect intonation that has become the hallmark for all Denis Wick mutes, with the added bonus that the cup position can be adjusted to give exactly the desired sound quality - for microphone, solo or section playing.

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  • £ 48.99

    The Denis Wick DW5505 trombone straight mute is one of the most popular and best-designed trombone mutes available. It was developed by Denis Wick to meet his own exacting standards as Principal Trombone of the London Symphony Orchestra. It went through a long process of development, ....

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    Denis Wick great-sounding and versatile fibre mute for trumpet and trombone. These sensational mutes have a seamless construction and wooden bases. They are suitable for use in orchestra and bands but are also great for jazz, making a gentle Duke Ellington-style sound which is great for jazz-ensemble work. They have the excellent intonation, but provide a...

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    Heavy rubber mute by Ultra USA The Ultra Heavy Rubber Practice Mute for strings provides a high level of muting while preserving more tone quality than the metal variety.It greatly reduces volume for apartment and late night practicing.This five-prong design mute is lightweight and very safe to use as it won't mark your instrument.

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  • £ 3.45

    The Roth Sihon Mute slides up to your instruments bridge when needed and down towards the tailpiece when not in use.Product Description:o Made of metal wire and transparent rubber. o Slides on the middle strings between the tailpiece and the bridge. o Ingenious Design helps to dampen and sometimes eliminate, wolf tones!

    £ 3.45
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items