Stringed Instruments at Forsyth Music Shop, Manchester

Our extensive range of stringed instruments now have their own climate controlled show room in our historic Manchester city centre store, est. 1857. Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses and everything else that falls within the string family can be tried in there. We also stock a wide rang...

Stringed Instruments at Forsyth Music Shop, Manchester

Our extensive range of stringed instruments now have their own climate controlled show room in our historic Manchester city centre store, est. 1857. Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses and everything else that falls within the string family can be tried in there. We also stock a wide range of electric stringed instruments. The department is managed by string enthusiasts who take great pleasure in sourcing the best instruments and helping customers to select the instrument that suits their playing style, budget and ability, from complete beginners to professionals.

We frequently find beautiful antiques and way out modern pieces and we love to try them out and format our own opinions on them. If you are a strings enthusiast, why not pop in regularly to see what we have found? We are always happy to talk instruments with like-minded people.


Bows and strings, cases and rests, roisin and stands, you'll find a full range of accessories for your instrument here at Forsyth.

Set-up and Repair

The strings repair department can also discuss all aspects of repairing or upgrading your instrument, including righting soundposts, bow rehairs and full restoration. Call us on 0161 956 2052 ext 606 for advice.


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  • £ 11.90

    Corelli Crystal strings have a synthetic core which provides a warm, gut like tone and stability in changing climates.

    £ 11.90
  • £ 11.85 £ 13.70

    Thomastik's Red Infeld are still considered cutting edge using the very best technology and latest 'know-how" in making great sounding, responsive violin strings. Red's tend to sound a bit warmer and darker.They have a super dynamic range, project very well, yet still feel 'soft' under the left hand.

    £ 11.85 £ 13.70
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  • £ 11.85 £ 13.70

    The DOMINANT string is a highly flexible, multi- strand synthetic core string for tonal warmth and feel of gut and is impervious to changes in humidity, allowing for stable intonation and long life. The sound is soft, clear and rich in overtones. Widely recognized as “the reference standard”. 

    £ 11.85 £ 13.70
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  • £ 13.50

    Attractive wood base Auto Grip System yoke safely and securely holds your instrument Specially Formulated Foamcompletely covers the yoke Fits 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 4/4 size violins and 12-17” violas

    £ 13.50
  • £ 11.75

    Pirastro have develop their own specific rosins and designed them according the technical requirements of their different string lines. Each different rosin is named after the brand names of the violin and viola string lines.

    £ 11.75
  • £ 9.90 £ 11.63

    Helicore viola strings are crafted with a multi-stranded steel core, resulting in optimal playability while producing a clear, warm tone. The smaller string diameter provides quick bow response. Premium quality materials combined with skilled workmanship produces strings known for excellent pitch stability and longevity.

    £ 9.90 £ 11.63
    Reduced price!
  • £ 10.00

    The Stoppin was designed by cellist, Sean Grissom, especially for Super-Sensitive® to stop the endpin of the cello or bass from slipping on the floor.

    £ 10.00
  • £ 8.75 £ 9.85

    Spirocore are a rope core steel string. This provides quick response, consistent performance and tonal power. The hi-tech core makes for effortless fingering, responsive bowing, stable tuning, and a very long string life.

    £ 8.75 £ 9.85
    Reduced price!
  • £ 8.00 £ 9.39

    Kaplan violin E strings provide the traditional rich sound expected from high-quality steel E strings. Multiple options are available within the Kaplan line for a wide array of performance needs, including plain steel & aluminum wound and plain steel & gold plated.

    £ 8.00 £ 9.39
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  • £ 8.45

    An essential for double bass players, the Petz double bass rosin comes in a plastic container. Easily accessible yet securely sealed for protection. No 2 and No 3 available

    £ 8.45
  • £ 7.14 £ 8.25

    Dominant nylon core strings Comparable in sound to gut, without gut's disadvantages With a highly flexible, multi-strand nylon core similar in tone and response to gut strings, without gut's attendant drawbacks. The Dominant string is full and mellow, yet rich in overtones with effortless response to intricate fingering and tuning stability even under...

    £ 7.14 £ 8.25
    Reduced price!
  • £ 8.00

    Hill Peg Paste is a unqiue composition created for the W.E.Hill and Sons workshops designed to ease sticking pegs. Soft composition supplied in a twistable cylinder.  

    £ 8.00
  • £ 7.94

    The well loved orchestral brand Hidersine offer all the needed accessories for your orchestral instrument. Teka pattern viola rest in black

    £ 7.94
  • £ 6.80 £ 7.55

    Thomastik-Infeld Super Flexible Rope Core 4/4 Violin Strings are a great all-around string for many styles of play.They offer radiant tone with open fifth purity. Replacing the solid core with a braided cable-type structure made of steel strands has reduced stiffness, increased elasticity and made the string impressively responsive.

    £ 6.80 £ 7.55
    Reduced price!
  • £ 7.08

    Wondertone Solo - The focused and clear synthetic core string modern synthetic core strings direct, brilliant and clear tone focused sound outstanding response

    £ 7.08
  • £ 6.70

    Violin Chin Rest, teka model by Gewa

    £ 6.70
  • £ 5.20 £ 6.15

    Obligato - The all-round synthetic core string modern synthetic core strings brilliant and full sound great tone volume excellent response Please note different strings are different prices (see below for price list). These prices will be confirmed after you have added your chosen string to your shopping cart.

    £ 5.20 £ 6.15
    Reduced price!
  • £ 5.20 £ 6.15

    Tonica - A New Formula for a trusted favorite string! nylon core strings lively and round sound easy tone attack very easy response

    £ 5.20 £ 6.15
    Reduced price!
  • £ 6.01

    Jargar strings have been hand-made in Copenhagen since the 1950's. The A, D and G strings are wound with thin threads of aluminium, copper and alloys. With a special, flexible steel core, Jargar violin strings produce a big, powerful, distinct and well-balanced tone. The light gauge is referred to as 'dolce' by the manufacturer, the heavy gauge as 'forte'.

    £ 6.01
  • £ 6.00

    Dogal Green Tag Cello Strings provide tension & tone characteristics very similar to gut strings. Bronze wound strings, with a steel core, widely used for teaching purposes. Britain's best selling string of its kind. Green Tag Strings produce a wonderfully warm sound, particularly suitable for beginners & novice players requiring an affordable yet...

    £ 6.00
  • £ 6.00

    Manufactured using the original recipe handed down from Ladislav Kaplan. Packaged in a reusable soft flannel pouch. Light and Dark rosin options available. Light or dark rosin Packaged in a flannel pouch Low dust Formulated using the original Kaplan recipe handed down from Ladislav Kaplan Designed and manufactured in the USA

    £ 6.00
  • £ 4.71 £ 5.45

    Infeld Blue provides a brilliant, more focused portion of the spectrum than the darker Red. Tone: Blues provide a brilliant, full sound Playability: Easy response at all positions, suitable for various playing techniques Stability: Quick settle-in time, relatively insensitive to excess humidity

    £ 4.71 £ 5.45
    Reduced price!
  • £ 4.61 £ 5.34

    Professional quality synthetic core strings. Larsen violin strings have a synthetic gut core with the exception of the E string. Widely praised for their complex rich tone, with good focus and projection.Larsen violin strings are also more durable and long lasting than many other comparable brands.

    £ 4.61 £ 5.34
    Reduced price!
  • £ 5.15

    Heavy rubber mute by Ultra USA The Ultra Heavy Rubber Practice Mute for strings provides a high level of muting while preserving more tone quality than the metal variety.It greatly reduces volume for apartment and late night practicing.This five-prong design mute is lightweight and very safe to use as it won't mark your instrument.

    £ 5.15
  • £ 4.26

    Violoncell A String made by Dogal

    £ 4.26
  • £ 4.28 £ 5.00

    Hill has been around for a long, long time and the Hill E string is a mainstay string. People still use the E strings quite a lot and they are very reliable, tending to last longer than average.

    £ 4.28 £ 5.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 5.00

    Evah Pirazzi - The Soloists' Choice modern synthetic core strings very intensive and powerful excellent for Soloists complex sound, rich with overtones excellent response

    £ 5.00
  • £ 4.92

    Gold gut strings with good value for money bright gut sound popular steel E-string

    £ 4.92
  • £ 3.90 £ 4.54

    Zyex synthetic core strings produce an extremely warm, rich sound. Zyex strings are made from a new generation of synthetic material, creating strings that are incredibly stable under drastic climatic conditions.

    £ 3.90 £ 4.54
    Reduced price!
Showing 91 - 120 of 130 items