Leblanc CL211S "Debut" Bb Clarinet
  • Leblanc CL211S "Debut" Bb Clarinet
  • Leblanc CL211S "Debut" Bb Clarinet
  • Leblanc CL211S "Debut" Bb Clarinet
  • Leblanc CL211S "Debut" Bb Clarinet
  • Leblanc CL211S "Debut" Bb Clarinet

Leblanc CL211S "Debut" Bb Clarinet

Catalogue No: iwLEB-LCL211s

The Leblanc Debut clarinet is a reliable instrument for your introduction to the clarinet world. Boasting a range of features that are typically reserved for clarinets at a higher price point, the Debut clarinet is the perfect beginner clarinet to last throughout your student years. The Reso-tone ABS body, for example, is durable to protect your clarinet against any bumps, but it also creates a beautiful, bright tone.

-£30.00 £449.00

What they say

To ensure your clarinet gives a reliable performance, the LCL211S Debut Clarinet is made from Reso-tone ABS, rather than wood. Whereas wood can expand and contract in the heat - meaning the clarinet's performance largely depends on the environment - ABS is resistant to any changes in temperature. This means the Leblanc Debut clarinet will give a consistent performance, no matter where you're playing. Lots of musicians prefer ABS for playing outside for example, or in warm concert halls, for this reason.

Working in partnership with the body is the silver-plated keywork, which has been manufactured and applied with precision, meaning the LCL211S clarinet has great intonation and requires very little maintenance thanks to such a thoughtful design. The fact that the keys are silver-plated means they will stay in pristine condition. You'll also be able to enjoy a quick and easy response thanks to the ringless bell design, giving student clarinettists the chance to get to know their way around the instrument without having to worry about forcing the sound.

Leblanc has created an instrument with premium features for an affordable price. Examples of these include the blue steel springs, which you'll find on more expensive models, as well as the premium quality Valentino synthetic pads. These protect the Debut Bb clarinet and give smooth playability, allowing you to glide across all registers with an easy response.

The adjustable thumb rest means you can find the most comfortable hand position - and this might change as you advance, so your clarinet will be able to keep up. Overall, the Debut Clarinet is lightweight - thanks to the ABS body - so you'll find that it's comfortable to play, even for the duration of long rehearsals. If you do need to make things easier though, there's a ring to attach a neck strap to distribute the weight.


Key: Bb

Body materialReso-Tone ABS resin with wood grain finish

Key mechanism: Silver-plated nickel silver Boehm system - 17 keys

Thumb rest: Adjustable with strap ring

Other Features: Synthetic Valentino pads, low E reinforcement bar

Mouthpiece: Plastic, with ligature and cap

Accessories: Lightweight case, reed, cork grease, pull through and polishing cloth