Gordon Smith SG1 P90 Korina



  • SG body style with GS P90
  • Korina body
  • Gotoh bridge
  • Chrome hardware
  • Comes with GS hard case

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£ 1,184.00

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What We Say

Although the legendary Junior is the Les Paul style one of the 50s, we have a big soft spot for the later SG version of the following decade: they're sleek, sexy, lightweight, and with great high fret access. Sadly if you want a vintage Gibson version these days you're going to need deep pockets, so we're pleased to see our friendly local guitar makers Gordon Smith having a go at one!

And don't they do a good job! This is a really pretty looking guitar, not least because of the gorgeous piece of korina wood it's made from. Korina has that nice balance of every piece looking different and with a lot of character but not so flashy as to constanty scream look at me - it's luxurious, that's the best term we can think of for it. 

As all good Juniors do, there's a dogear P90 hand wound by Gordon Smith in the bridge position which can snarl and bite like the best of them. But with no neck pickup option it's also important on Juniors to have a decent volume and tone control and this guitar can sweeten up surprisingly well - it might not be your first choice for smokey jazz but it's easy enough to soften things up if you need to. 

With the hard case and upgraded wood it's tipping the £1000 mark, sure, but this is a hand made guitar with premium materials, for which it's probably a little underpriced. A veritable rock monster and well worth checking out!


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