Seagull S8 Electro Mandolin Burnt Umber



Unique 'scooped out' mandolin design.

Solid spruce top with hollowed out maple body.

Transducer pickup with volume and tone controls.

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£ 439.00

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Following on from the incredibly successful Merlin dulcimers, the Seagull S8 is a mandolin created using the same construction technique - instead of bending the sides the Seagull starts out as a solid bock of wood and is scooped out to create the structure on which the top is fitted. It's actually a style of instrument making that goes back to the middle ages and Orville Gibson favoured the approach (right up to the point he hired an accountant who immediately said 'for the love of God stop wasting all that wood!') but the Seagull is the only mainstream example we can think of of a contemporary acoustic instrument that uses the technique. 

And how does it sound? Pretty darn good! These are bright and lively instruments without the full bass of a carved top American style mandolin, but there's a crispness to them that's really pleasant and plenty of volume. Plugged in it's equally lively and it's always a bonus to be able to plug in occasionally.

Oh, and the custom embossed seagull on the tailpiece is such a lovely detail that demonstrates what a nicely executed concept this is - there's a lot of thought gone into the detail of this instrument that we wouldn't necessarly expect at the price point. Well done, Seagull!

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