Brook Teign 010 acoustic guitar



  • Dreadnought body size
  • Stika Spruce top
  • Indian Rosewood back and sided
  • 25 1/2" scale with a 44mm nut width
  • Hiscox case

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£ 2,000.00

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£ 2,250.00

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What We Say:

The Teign is Brook’s take on a dreadnought guitar so it’s one of the biggest guitars in the series. The top is a really attractive piece of Spruce and the back and sides are a chocolaty Rosewood. The style 10 trim is a good looking combination with black herringbone purfling and Walnut binding and the woodworking is flawless inside and out. 

Brook have a very distinctive neck profile with a 44mm nut and a sharp drop away on the shoulders, although this example feels just slightly meatier than average for the brand. It’s a really nice profile that gives a little extra room for fingerstyle players whilst not feeling overly big if you’re used to skinnier electric guitars. The Ebony board is jet black with nicely crowned frets and the skinny heel make top end access very comfortable for a non cutaway.

Our benchmark for Rosewood dreadnoughts is always the venerable Martin D-28, and it’s interesting comparing this guitar to a modern HD-28 how different they are in personality. The Martin projects very well and has a pumping effect to the bass so it’s a very big sounding guitar, but it’s also a little brash and cluttered. The Teign is much more reserved without the big projection, but it’s better balanced and much warmer. Compared to the Tamar – Brook’s beefed up OM design – it’s darker and smoother with a little more low end, a very refined sound that works well for fingerstyle. Strummed the bass is full but balanced well against the trebles and again it’s rich but not particularly loud for a large guitar. The best way to summarise is that it’s not a guitar that is trying to be a D-28 and it won’t get you that classic boomy D-28 flat picker tone, but it has a much more sophisticated tone that is ideal for folk and fingerstyle players wanting a guitar with a lot of depth to the bass without losing clarity in the overall sound.     

What Brook Say:

A traditional style dreadnought that we offer as a standard model or the currently popular slope shouldered model, big sound but also a fine picker


Description: Dreadnought

Scale: 650mm / 25.5"

Upper Bout: 297mm

Waist: 273mm

Lower Bout: 403mm

Depth at tail block: 115mm

Nut width: 44mm

Trim Specifications: The 010 has an unbound headstock and fingerboard, mother of pearl fingerboard marker dots, oblique herringbone purfling and chrome hardware.


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