A great range of affordable acoustic guitars with a variety of sizes and wood types. 

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  • £ 420.00

    An affordable grand auditorium size guitar with a Belcat pickup and a solid cedar top. With a big old low end and a decent amount of clarity, this guitar would be perfect for those looking to step up from their first acoustic, or for those wanting to hit the open mic scene.

    £ 420.00
  • £ 379.00

    This guitar features a double top, with two thin pieces of koa with a carbon fibre lattice in between - the result is a very responsive and clean sounding acoustic. It looks the part too; Koa is one hell of a looker.

    £ 379.00
  • £ 369.00

    A really lovely baby concert acoustic with a solid cedar top, this guitar also has a really nice Belcat pickup and comes with a Rathbone branded gig bag. Perfect for open mics.

    £ 369.00
  • £ 299.00

    This Orchestral Model acoustic features a solid mahogany top and laminate sapele mahogany back and sides - the result is a lovely warm tone with a guitar that looks stunning. 

    £ 299.00
  • £ 299.00

    Parlour guitars just have a tradition about them; some things you just can't mess with. This short scaled beauty has a solid mahogany top and sapele back and sides and it sounds bluesy, warm and crisp. Looks pretty cool too with it's slotted headstock and gloss finish.

    £ 299.00
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items