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  • £ 405.00

    A great acoustic guitar for those looking to step up and play the wrong way round. With a solid sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides, this guitar also features the Belcat 3 band EQ pickup. It's super comfy and easy to play. No excuses!

    £ 405.00
  • £ 369.00

    A really lovely baby concert acoustic with a solid cedar top, this guitar also has a really nice Belcat pickup and comes with a Rathbone branded gig bag. Perfect for open mics.

    £ 369.00
  • £ 395.00

    The combination of solid cedar and rosewood create a warm, mellow tone with spots of rich qualities throughout. This guitar also comes with Belcat electronics and plays fantastically. Rathbone have really impressed us since we started getting them in the shop.

    £ 395.00
  • £ 335.00

    A great guitar for those starting out, or if you want an upgrade from a sub £100 guitar, this features a solid sitka spruce top and maple back and sides, for a wonderful bright crisp tone - perfect for playing with others if you want to cut through the mix. The black finish looks as good as it does in the flesh as it does in the photos, and the...

    £ 335.00
  • £ 339.00

    The double top is a fantastic idea, giving you extra resonance and a bigger sound from the already punchy dreadnaught sound. What's more this guitar has a wonderful balance with a nice big low end and crispy tops, and would be a great step-up guitar.

    £ 339.00
  • £ 299.00

    Parlour guitars just have a tradition about them; some things you just can't mess with. This short scaled beauty has a solid mahogany top and sapele back and sides and it sounds bluesy, warm and crisp. Looks pretty cool too with it's slotted headstock and gloss finish.

    £ 299.00
  • £ 379.00

    This guitar features a double top, with two thin pieces of koa with a carbon fibre lattice in between - the result is a very responsive and clean sounding acoustic. It looks the part too; Koa is one hell of a looker.

    £ 379.00
  • £ 299.00

    This lefty Orchestral Model acoustic features a solid mahogany top and laminate sapele mahogany back and sides - the result is a lovely warm tone with a guitar that looks stunning. 

    £ 299.00
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items