We currently carry Fender models from the Mexican and Japanese ranges, and have a good selection of models for you to choose from, as well as occasional vintage and secondhand instruments. Also in stock is the Squier range, including the excellent Classic Vibe models, and a good selection of Fender amplifiers.

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  • £ 1,725.00 £ 1,949.00

    Holy moly, what a guitar. Talk about great playability and an awesome tone. With the Deep C neck and smooth rolled fingerboard edges, a satin finish on the back of the neck and a sculted neck heel, this thing is super comfy to play. The look speaks for itself, and the V-Mod II pickups sound brilliant, covering a wide range of tonal variety, and an extra...

    £ 1,725.00 £ 1,949.00
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  • £ 1,799.00

    Holy guitar, Batman! Fresh out of the Batcave, this American Strat is one of the most saught after guitars on the market at the moment, and with very good reason. This guy has an incredibly comfy neck with a deep D profile, a "Super-Natural" satin finish and a sculpted neck heel alongside smooth rolled fingerboard edges. With the V-Mod II pickups, this...

    £ 1,799.00
  • £ 1,725.00 £ 1,899.00

    Everything about this American Tele screams out quality. The deep C neck is super comfy with smooth rolled fingerboard edges, a sain finish and a sculpted neck heel. The pickups are the new V-Mod II single coils and sound magical and crisp. The push pull button on the tone knob means you can have that extra boost when the pickups are in series. All in...

    £ 1,725.00 £ 1,899.00
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  • £ 1,150.00

    Considering the age of this thing, it's in amazingly good condition. We've stared at it for a while and we can only find one ding (which you can see in the photos). The sticker on the pickguard was left on a little too long too, so there some interesting fading there too. That aside, it's a quality American Fender with fantastic pickups and the classic...

    £ 1,150.00
  • £ 959.00 £ 1,099.00

    For all those Death Cab fans out there, and also anyone who is looking for a proper decent guitar, look no further. With a chambered ash body and custom single coil pickups, you get a lot of resonance and mid range out of this little guy. They've simplified the controls as the tone knob is a 3 way pickup selector instead. Comes with a gig bag.

    £ 959.00 £ 1,099.00
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  • £ 845.00 £ 939.00

    The 90s wouldn't have been the same without him, helping to sculpt an entire genre of music - and his signature guitar is pretty epic too. The Jimmy Eat World frontman's has had the JA-90 out for a while, and in crimson red, you're going to hit all of the emo points. It sounds a beast with the P90 pickups and it's got a matching headstock, which is just...

    £ 845.00 £ 939.00
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  • £ 999.00 £ 1,049.00

    The much saught after Acoustasonic series now comes in the Player series - all the versatility with the quality of Fender craftsmanship and Fishman technology. With both natural acoustic qualities and a noiseless single coil pickup, this mahogany guitar has an acoustic engine from Fishman. A very exciting instrument from Fender for sure.

    £ 999.00 £ 1,049.00
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  • £ 629.00 £ 729.00

    You want tonal variety with a slick look and easy playability? Welcome to the Player Jazzmaster in tasty buttercream. With two humbuckers (and a split coil on the bridge pickup) and a satin finish on the back of the neck, this git-box is ready for pretty much anything you want to musically throw at it.

    £ 629.00 £ 729.00
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  • £ 499.00 £ 599.00

    A tribute to the early 80s model with alder body, a modern C neck profile and two Player Series Alnico 2 humbucker pickups With a Pau Ferro fretboard and 42mm nut width.

    £ 499.00 £ 599.00
  • £ 895.00 £ 939.00

    It's got the look, it's got the feel, it's got the modern added extras like the noiseless pickups, the coil-split mode and the locking tuners. It plays like a dream, sounds fantastic, and it's just missing you.

    £ 895.00 £ 939.00
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  • £ 599.00 £ 719.00

    Alder body Maple fretboard 42mm nut width Modern C neck profile Player Series Alnico 5 Strat® Single-Coil pickups

    £ 599.00 £ 719.00
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  • £ 599.00 £ 719.00

    The modern Mexican Strat in the summery colour we all need. With 3 Alnico single coil pickups, a 2 point trem bridge and a modern C profile neck shape, this guitar is easy to play and has that classic Fender tone. Great value for a lot of guitar.

    £ 599.00 £ 719.00
    Reduced price!
Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items