Lightly constructed with a strong projection and tone, flamenco guitars are a brasher, livelier cousin to the classical guitar, and we always keep a range of good instruments in stock.

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  • £ 1,135.00

    Burguet's entry level flamenco model, aimed at the serious beginner. Cedar neck, ebony fingerboard, high-gloss lacquer finish. An excellent first instrument.  With a solid cedar top and solid sycamore sides and laminated back.

    £ 1,135.00
  • £ 2,500.00

    This all-solid guitar is the only student flamenco model made by the esteemed Ramírez workshop. This guitar has a quick attack, bright sound and is very easy to play.

    £ 2,500.00
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items