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Forsyth’s reputation for finding and stocking the greatest guitars is unparalleled. From your first guitar to those of a professional standard; we offer a diverse selection each with their own special feel and sound for you to investigate. If you know guitars, you will know we have chosen the best.


New to guitars? Read our buying guide here

Forsyth’s reputation for finding and stocking the greatest guitars is unparalleled. From your first guitar to those of a professional standard; we offer a diverse selection each with their own special feel and sound for you to investigate. If you know guitars, you will know we have chosen the best.

Lead Guitar Makes and Specialist Models

Classicals, acoustics, steel strings, electrics and specialist and vintage models from many of different makers are available here at Forsyth. Our range includes major manufacturers like Martin and Fender through to specialists in high-end handmade guitars such as Lowden and Fylde. Trust our expert staff to find the right choice of guitars to suit your style of playing and budget.

Guitar Accessories, Repairs and Servicing

Beyond the instruments themselves we also stock a comprehensive range high-quality amps, effects pedals and guitar accessories. If you are having problems with your guitar, our on site repairer can help from basic set ups though refrets to major structural repairs.

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  • £ 5,995.00 £ 6,063.00

    Number 20 of 70 of George Lowden's 70th Birthday guitars, this absolute stunner has a cedar top and Tasmanian blackwood back and sides. Featuing a soundbox bevel, a custom LXX inlay at the 12th fret and signed by the man himself, this is literally a one of a kind guitar. For any serious Lowden aficionado.

    £ 5,995.00 £ 6,063.00
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  • £ 5,995.00

    Vintage Gibson acoustic guitar made in 1952. Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides. Generally good condition with a few repairs (see description). Non original Gibson case included.

    £ 5,995.00
  • £ 3,999.00 £ 4,579.00

    A faithful reproduction of the original Rickenbacker 360 12-string. The 2nd one ever made was presented to George Harrison in 1963 and immortalized in 'A Hard Day's Night'. It sounds fantastic, it (obviously) looks great, and the feel and playability do the job nicely. One other thing - even unplugged this thing sounds amazing, obviously not what it was...

    £ 3,999.00 £ 4,579.00
  • £ 4,299.00

    This incredible limited edition handmade Atkin is a real work of art. With a solid torrified Adirondack spruce top, solid Honduran mahogany back and sides and a V neck, this guitar is just like the 1930s D-18s that are so sought after. With pre-war scalloped bracing, an ebony fingerboard and Atkin's very own nitro-cellulose mix to boot. Oh, and it comes...

    £ 4,299.00
  • £ 3,495.00 £ 3,943.00

    A quality guitar with a pickup worthy of it! Solid sitka spruce on top with East Indian rosewood back and sides, with such a cool sunburst finish - and that all important LR Baggs Anthem.

    £ 3,495.00 £ 3,943.00
  • £ 3,400.00 £ 3,830.00

    A Martin with a torrified top - they call it the Vintage Tone System - it sounds fantastic. A gigantic low end, with East Indian rosewood binding, the new Liquidmetal bridge pins and a composite carbon fiber bridgeplate - this thing is modern and sounds like the Martins of old.

    £ 3,400.00 £ 3,830.00
  • £ 3,695.00

    Handmade in the North of Ireland, this smaller folk sized, solid cedar top and walnut back and sides is a real treat of an acoustic. 

    £ 3,695.00
  • £ 3,299.00 £ 3,649.00

    A modern update of the model 325 - made famous by a certain John Lennon. This has all the looks and style of the original but with a hardtail and full scale length removes the annoying quirks of the 325. This is the first time this model has been available in the UK in fireglo!

    £ 3,299.00 £ 3,649.00
  • £ 3,644.00

    This handmade British guitar has a baked sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides and a double oversized tortoiseshell pickguard. The mahogany neck is C shaped and has a rosewood fretboard.

    £ 3,644.00
  • £ 2,955.00 £ 3,644.00

    A stunning handmade guitar with a baked sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides.  This British guitar has a celluloid pickguard, a C shaped mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard.

    £ 2,955.00 £ 3,644.00
  • £ 2,699.00 £ 3,585.00

    With a charactered maple cutaway body, Rickenbacker's vintage reissue type pickups and a ridiculously easy to play neck and comfy body, this guitar is a beauty and deserves an owner to love it.

    £ 2,699.00 £ 3,585.00
  • £ 2,835.00

    A handmade concert small body size from the North of Ireland with solid a Sitka Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides and a 45mm nut. Very very impressive, and worth every penny.

    £ 2,835.00
  • £ 3,100.00 £ 3,492.00

    This handmade American model features a solid sitka spruce top, solid East Indian rosewood back and sides, an ebony fingerboard and scalloped X bracing. Features aside, it sounds incredible and is a dream to play. I imagine in 5 years time when it's bedded in it'll be a behemoth.

    £ 3,100.00 £ 3,492.00
  • £ 2,499.00 £ 3,492.00

    Talk about hard to find - a lefty Rickenbacker in Midnight Blue! Sounds just as you'd expect, with a maple body and neck and a rosewood fingerboard.

    £ 2,499.00 £ 3,492.00
  • £ 2,950.00 £ 3,323.00

    This handmade Martin features a solid three piece rosewood back and sides, a solid sitka spruce top, forward shifted X bracing and a gloss finish. Sounds pretty sweet too, with a lovely crisp tone and wonderful projection.

    £ 2,950.00 £ 3,323.00
  • £ 3,170.00

    From the North of Ireland, this handmade guitar features a solid cedar top, solid mahogany back and sides and a 45 mm nut width. It's everything you'd expect  from Lowden, with a full crisp tone and excellent balance, with added warmth thanks to the cedar and mahogany combination.

    £ 3,170.00
  • £ 3,099.00

    Dreamed up btween Alister and James in our guitar department, the Starling pays tribute to a war era Gibson design. The Oriole was an affordable Kalamazoo banded model featuring an attractive combo of maple back and sides offset with tortoiseshell binding - originals were ladder braced and laminated backs where Alister's is X braced and solid so it's a...

    £ 3,099.00
  • £ 2,699.00 £ 3,040.00

    A fantastic electro acoustic with solid sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides. The pickup is a Fishman Aura, and the guitar features scalloped forward shifted bracing.

    £ 2,699.00 £ 3,040.00
  • £ 2,699.00 £ 3,040.00

    With a sitka spruce top and genuine mahogany back and sides, this electro acoustic has Fishman electronics (Aura VT Enhance) and is an easy dreadnaught to pick up and play.

    £ 2,699.00 £ 3,040.00
  • £ 2,999.00

    An incredible guitar from Alister Atkin and his team, this guitra features a slop-shoulder, a solid torrified sitka spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides, and is based on the 1940s model of the J45 when women were building the guitars whilst the men were off fighting the Nazis in WW2. This guitar is well and truly worthy of the time.

    £ 2,999.00
  • £ 2,999.00

    This Atkin is inspired by Gibson's LG series of guitars, and it sounds phenomenal. It is a relic'd guitar, but not to the point of excess; the guitar still shines. There's a big old Gibson thump to this guy, and there's a classic bluesy twang there too. Rather special, all in all.

    £ 2,999.00
  • £ 2,999.00

    We've been huge fans of Atkin for a while here at Forsyths and the 37 models are always fantastic. The torrified spruce and east Indian rosewood combo is a classic and Atkin do lacquering like no-one else: their own special mix to get that aged look, which isn't just for show, it also brings out the tone so much more. What you have here is a professional...

    £ 2,999.00
  • £ 2,495.00

    Made in China in the early 2000s, this all solid wood guitar has a floating Kent Armstrong pickup and comes with the original hard case.

    £ 2,495.00
  • £ 2,465.00 £ 2,899.00

    You'd think small guitars aren't very loud, but this little guy is louder than a bunch of mid sized guitars (and some rubbish dreadnaughts). Handmade in the UK with a torrified sitka spruce top and East Indian rosewood back and sides, this little guy will make big 6 strings tremble at it's beautiful tone and volume.

    £ 2,465.00 £ 2,899.00
  • £ 2,274.00 £ 2,590.00

    Solid sitka spruce top Solid mahogany back and sides Standard X shaped scalloped bracing Solid black ebony fingerboard Comes with hardcase

    £ 2,274.00 £ 2,590.00
  • £ 2,499.00 £ 2,815.00

    With a Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides, this classic 00 body projects so much more than you'd expect. With a Martin hard case and years of enjoyment.

    £ 2,499.00 £ 2,815.00
  • £ 2,750.00

    A top of the line fully solid classical from the Studio series. Made in Spain with a solid cedar top and rosewood back and sides.

    £ 2,750.00
  • £ 2,649.00

    A 7 string archtop semi-acoustic guitar with a venetian cutaway and a Kent Armstrong HJGS7-GD humbucking pickup.

    £ 2,649.00
  • £ 1,999.00 £ 2,647.00

    Made in the USA with solid sapele back and sides and a solid sitka spruce top. With forward shifted scalloped bracing. Designed with travel in mind - no materials to cause CITES issues and supplied with deluxe Martin gig bag.

    £ 1,999.00 £ 2,647.00
  • £ 2,095.00 £ 2,520.00

    An uprated luxury version of the Standard model, with "cats eye" sound holes and gold hardware. With a Hofner Lyre tailpiece and NOwaxx humbucking pickups handmade in Bavaria - this guitar also comes with a hardcase.

    £ 2,095.00 £ 2,520.00
Showing 1 - 30 of 369 items