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Instrument Buying GuidesCompiled by our expert staff, these buying guides are designed to help make sense of the sometimes baffling world of instruments, makes and models. With recommendations for starter, student, and more advanced instruments, as well as explanations of the basic differences between and within these categories, the guides are a great starting point for anyone who'd like to know more about a particular area. We also cover certain accessories and upgrade options, to try and give a full picture of what you'll need at various stages in your instrumental journey.This is a new section to our website, and we'll be adding new guides over the coming weeks, but if you have a burning desire to know about a particular instrument then let us know and we'll do our best to get a guide on it up as soon as possible. Or you can email, call, or come in and speak to our staff to get personal advice and recommendations, and ask any questions you have.

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