Bob Rose

Intermediate to Advanced Piano

Please note that lessons and payment are to be arranged with Bob directly. Please see his website below:

I’ve always loved music, and picked it up easily when young- I got my grade 8 piano when I was 11 years old after only a few years of very light practice (my poor piano teacher! Sorry!).

In recent years, I have developed a system of teaching anybody how to learn an instrument in this ‘natural’, quick and relaxed way. As well as using all the latest academic research on how musicians learn most effectively combined with cutting-edge findings from sports psychology, many years of practising meditation and mindfulness have given me the tools to tune into the subtleties and nuances of how exactly I easily access and rapidly develop my inner musician.

I now practise the piano much more diligently as I set higher and higher goals for myself- this journey has given me the tools to encourage and coach people towards achieving their highest potential. Unlocking your brain to learn music in this way has proven benefits for every single other area of your life.

When I was around 15, the electric guitar changed my life- passionately learning in the style of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. This motivated me to learn improvising and jazz, which inspired me to study classical composition at university.

When I was there, I had an incredible piano teacher who had won top international piano competitions and was one of the world’s leading pianists. Over 5 years, he raised my playing to a very high level.

I also played the violin/viola semi-professionally in my 20s.

My teaching approach combines coaching on how to use focus/attention/mindfulness in just the right ways to develop and deepen musicianship, a multi-layered approach to building strong technical skills at your instrument, tips, tricks and hacks for developing aural and sight-reading skills, coaching with practical strategies on how to become expressive and in flow with your instrument, and detailed advice on interpretation with all styles of music including classical piano at all diploma levels & above.

The hourly rate is £55