An Afternoon with John Human:

Exploring Trinity College London's Piano 2018-2020 syllabus

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Hosted by Forsyth

Saturday 23 June 2018

4pm – 6.30pm

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An afternoon of performances, training and demonstrations of the newly released Piano syllabus from Trinity College London.

Featuring John Human, performing and demonstrating the new syllabus pieces and exercises, providing ideas and inspiration for teachers and learners. Focus will be given to all aspects of Trinity's new piano syllabus from pieces and exercises to scales and supporting tests but there will also be an opportunity to hear more about the Composition option and the Improvisation (supporting test) sections of our exams, with an information pack to take away at the end. Peter Buckby, Trinity's Regional Consultant for the Midlands and North of England will be on hand to answer questions about Trinity exams. There will also be performances from students in the Manchester/North West area.

Join us for a wonderful afternoon of piano, as John takes you through some of his personal highlights from Trinity's new 2018-20 Piano syllabus. As well as playing he will also provide his insights into some of the pieces, make links with other aspects of the syllabus and provide invaluable teaching tips and advice on how to get the most out of using the new syllabus in your teaching practice.

The afternoon offers you an opportunity to see the new syllabus, see the new books and try out the pieces yourself.

For all teachers there will also be FREE sample packs to take away at the end of the session, with examples of the syllabus and more information on Trinity College London nationally and more locally in the North West.

There will also be a focus on the composition part of the syllabus through demonstrations from examination students and a presentation from the Trinity team.

Includes free refreshments.

I hope you can join us!!!

Peter Buckby
Trinity College London, Regional Consultant, Midlands and North of England
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Presenter Biography

John Human is a pianist with a passion for exploring the extraordinarily diverse capabilities of the instrument as widely as possible. He plays the standard classical repertoire as well as jazz, rock, pop and other improvised genres, and has performed widely across the UK. He studied in Cambridge with Phyllis Palmer, a student of Medtner, Mattay, Serkin, and Bolet, and then at the Guildhall with Elizabeth Newson.

Central to his philosophy is that composing, performing and improvising are all skills that musicians should seek to develop, and that separating them is a barrier to creative development. As a teacher he seeks always to embed the technical fundamentals which enable students to master repertoire of their choice. His focus is always on how to play rather than what to play, as learning is always enhanced if students are inspired by the music they are playing. He has examined for 20 years, initially as a keyboard specialist for Guildhall, and then with Trinity on both the Classical and Rock and Pop panels throughout the world, and has worked on syllabus development and other elements of the examination process.

In the presentation John will demonstrate how pieces in the new Trinity Piano Syllabus can be used to work at specific elements of technique which are essential in establishing command of the instrument, and also perform some of the wonderful music that is offered.