Free EPTA Piano Duet & Duo Workshop

with Susan Bettaney & Amy Wakefield

* * *

Hosted by Forsyth

Sunday 10 February 2019

11am - 4pm

* * *

Free entry & open to all

Performing places open to pairs of pianists wishing to play
either piano duets (four hands, one piano) or duos (two pianos)

* * *

The wonderful Susan Bettaney returns to host her latest free workshop for the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA), this time with duet partner Amy Wakefield.

This workshop will be for pairs of pianists, playing either piano duets (four hands, one piano) or duos (two pianos), who would like to gain experience of performing in front of a supportive audience – on a fantastic Schimmel grand piano – and to benefit from Susan and Amy's vast experience and helpful advice.

If you would like to take part in this free workshop, whether as a performer or member of the audience, please contact Susan on 0161 427 6706 or


 EPTA May 02

Susan Bettaney (centre) warms up both players and audience at the EPTA workshop in May


EPTA May 01

Susan (left) and participants of the May workshop gather round our wonderful Schimmel Konzert grand piano