G. Schirmer


Originating from the Kerksieg and Bruesing Company founded in 1848, G. Schirmer Music Publishers, established by Gustav Schirmer in 1866, emerged as a prominent name in classical music promotion. Originally focused on fostering appreciation for classical music in the United States, the company expanded its influence globally, embracing both historical and contemporary compositions. Acquiring Associated Music Publishers in 1964 further enriched its catalog with American composers' works. After being family-owned for over a century, the company was bought by Macmillan Inc. in 1968, and later acquired by Wise Music Group in 1986. Collaborating with Hal Leonard Corporation, the imprint's legacy thrived. Presently, the impressive Schirmer and AMP catalogues encompass a wide array of esteemed composers and works, ranging from elder statesmen to contemporary innovators, including operas and music by notable figures across musical history.

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