ABRSM Publishing


ABRSM Publishing, established in 1985 as a distinct entity within the ABRSM umbrella, stands at the forefront of music education in the UK and globally. Renowned as the premier publisher of examination material, ABRSM offers a rich selection of repertoire books designed to support learners and educators alike. The publisher's innovative resources, such as the contemporary 'Spectrum' series, the 'Time Pieces' collections tailored for beginners, the 'Piano Star' series for young pianists, and 'Joining the Dots' for piano, guitar, and violin, are crafted to foster musical development across various stages and instruments. With its roots extending back to the provision of exam music since 1918 and a publishing arm operational from 1921, ABRSM's commitment to quality and educational utility is reflected in its music editions, which often include insightful notes from esteemed editors like Sir Donald Tovey, whose contributions continue to be valued for their depth and clarity.

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