Hat Box - Bullard, Alan


Descant doubling sopranino/treble/tenor recorder, and piano or guitar. Set on Grades 6 & 8 of the ABRSM Treble Recorder exams from 2008-2017


Hat Box is a celebration of the town of Stockport, home to recorder virtuoso John Turner, to whom (with guitarist Neil Smith) this piece is dedicated. Stockport was formerly the centre of the hat-manufacturing industry, and gave its name to the hymn-tune Stockport written by 18th century Stockport organist John Wainwright for the carol Christians awake, salute the happy morn. The eight hats depicted in this suite refer to phrases from Wainwrights famous tune.


  • Top Hat Quadrille
  • Breton Beret - valse melancolique
  • Mexican Hat Dance
  • Smokey Stetson Shuffle
  • Deerstalkers Jig
  • Baseball Cap Stomp
  • Best Bonnet Waltz
  • Cloth Cap Galop
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