Forsyths are proud to be a main dealer for Jose Ramirez. The most famous and one of the finest makers of classical guitars in the world, made in their Madrid workshop since 1882 and still run by the Ramirez family. We usually have the full range of R and E series instruments, a couple of electro cutaway models and AEs, so if you're in the market for one of these fine instruments here is a very good place to start.

  • Ramirez S1 Classical Guitar

    Ramirez R-line model. Unusually for Ramirez, this instrument has a spruce top, solid of course, with striking laminate ovangkol back and sides.

  • Ramirez 1NE Classical Guitar

    This series was designed by José Ramírez III in 1986, and renewed by Amalia Ramírez in 2008. Designed with a unique template, decorations, tone, quality of sound and materials that are synonymous with the Ramirez brand. The 1NE...

  • Ramirez FL1 Flamenco Guitar

    Sorry its gone.  Contact us for possible replacement timescales or for suggestions for alternative guitars you may not have considered.

  • Ramirez 2E Classical Guitar

    The cheapest Ramirez in the E series constructed with Indian Rosewood. The great thing about the Ramirez range is their consistent quality and excellent playability. This is a comfortable instrument to play, well set up, with a clarity of...

  • Ramirez 2NCWE Electro Classical Guitar

    The latest version of the popular “2CWE” model from Ramirez. It has been revamped, and features updated aesthetics. They are easy to play and offer the famous Ramirez tone that many players crave. These guitars are perfect for...

  • Ramirez R4 Classical Guitar

    The top model in the R line, the R4 offers beautiful quality of sound and gorgeous aesthetics. Using only the finest grades of wood carefully crafted in the tradtional Spanish style.

  • Ramirez SP Classical Guitar

    The SP - semi professional model - has been designed to meet the demands of players requiring an instrument priced between the professional models and the studio range. This quality instrument fills the gap admirably. Its projection,...