Whilst the website is growing every day with new additions, we still have a large range of instruments which have yet to grace these pages. In addition to the brands with their own sections on the website, Forsyths are main dealers for the following brands:  

Aria have been making excellent instruments at all ends of the market, from the cracking entry level AW-20 (£99) acoustic to sumptuous D'Aquisto branded jazz guitars (£3000 +). We generally have a couple of dozen Aria models covering acoustic, electric and folk instruments but as a starting point check out the Sandpiper range of electro-acoustics, and the lovely, Martin inspired AD models.   

Simon & Patrick are made on the same production line as the Seagull guitars, follow the same basic construction but with distinct neck profiles, the S & P have a fairly standard modern nut width and profile.

Recording King Part of the AXL family of brands, are speciality instruments made to a high standard in the Far East. Recording King is an old US name, and we currently carry several of their fine resonator instruments (mandolins and ukes too!)   And the rest... Whilst we try to represent a healthy selection of instruments from each of the brands we carry, when other companies offer us something particularly unusual or impress we just can't seem to say no. The current selection are shown below.